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The Cirrus SR22 for sale is one of the world’s most well known general aviation aircraft. It is a single engine aircraft that seats five people. Released in November 2000, the plane is comparable to the Cessna 400 and the Mooney M20, and is an upgraded version of the popular Cirrus SR20. It was the world’s best selling single engine aircraft for several years running in the mid 2000s.

The aircraft fits one crew member and four passengers, and features Cirrus’ 60/40 Flexseating, which enables backseat passengers to recline their seats, and also has a restraint system similar to those in cars for child seats. The seats also fold down to for added cargo storage if necessary. The engine is a Continental IO-550-ES 310 HP engine, and the plane has a three blade propeller system. It has a fuel capacity of 92 gallons (348 liters), and can carry a useful load of 1340 lbs. It has a cruise speed of 183 knots and a stall speed of 60 knots, can climb at a rate of 1,270 feet per minute, and has a maximum altitude of 17,500 feet.Cirrus SR22 aircraft for sale

The SR22 has a recommended price of $499,900. There are also several feature packages that can be added on at an additional cost. The first is the Perspective Plus package, which is an additional $36,900. This includes the Yaw Damper, which minimizes the need for rudder use and creates a smoother ride, the Perspective Enhanced Vision System, which uses infrared to give you an image of your surroundings, even on the darkest nights, and two Air Data computers for cross-referencing. The Perspective Alerts, Awareness, and Assistance package focuses on safety and situational awareness in flight, and costs $37,900. It comes with Active Traffic Information alerts, which shows where other aircraft are, eTAWS, a precise terrain warning system, and ChartView, which provides charts of all airports and their surrounding areas.

The Premium Select package is the luxury version of the Cirrus SR22, and costs an additional $39,900. It features tinted rear windows, a polished spinner, and either sterling or two tone paint. The interior is furnished with leather seats. A chrome or platinum finish can also be added to the aircraft for an additional $18,900. There is also the GTS package option, which includes all of the package features as well as an all-digital cockpit and UV protected windows. A SR22 with GTS costs $696,900.

The Cirrus SR22 has been known for it’s innovation, and one of the most revolutionary features Cirrus offers is the Known Ice Protection System. This system ensures that the plane will be able to fly safely in cold weather with dual windshield sprayers, dual TKS fluid tanks and three TKS flow rate options, as well as a Tanis Engine pre-heater. This system costs an additional $49,900.

Other innovations that the SR22 is known for include the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), and the Cirrus Perspective by Garmin. CAPS is a parachute system that is able to lower the aircraft to the ground safely in the event of any in-flight emergency. Cirrus Perspective is an integrated avionics system that is the first of it’s kind. Features like these are what have made the Cirrus SR22 one of the world’s most loved general aviation aircraft.


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Cirrus SR22


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