Beech Bonanza 35 (1947-1948) Serial Numbers D-1 through D-1500

A legend in its own right, the Beechcraft Model 35 Bonanza flew for the first time on December 22, 1945 with veteran Beech test pilot Vern L. Carstens at the wheel. The Bonanza met Walter H. Beech´s demand for an airplane that would carry four people and their baggage in car-like comfort. Five engineers were assigned by Ted Wells to design the Model 35. Ralph Harmon led the team composed of Noel Naidenoff, Alex Odevseff, Jerry Gordon and Wilson Erhart (all but Erhart are known to have worked on the challenging XA-38 “Grizzly” project in 1944-1945). Certification was granted on March 25, 1947 and production of the first version, the Model 35, occurred in 1947-1948. 1,500 were built, more than any other Bonanza model. Powered by a 165 hp Continental E-165 opposed engine, the “straight had a range of 750 statute miles on of fuel. Famous V-tail was mounted at 30 degrees from horizontal. Tricycle gear was electrically operated and rugged enough for unimproved landing fields. The nose gear was not steerable on original Model 35 Bonanzas. Wood propeller featured controllable pitch but no governor device. Price: $7,975 from c/n D-l – c/n D-973, then increased to $8,945 from c/n D-974 – c/n D-1500. Model 35 illustrated were built in March, 1947.

Beech 35 Bonanza (1947-1948) Serial Numbers D-1 through D-1500
D-1 through D-491 Continental E-165 165 hp Serial Numbers D-492 and after with a Continental E-185-1 185 hp engine, 1500 built

Beech A35 Bonanza (1949)  Serial Numbers D-1501 through D-2200 and D-15001
Built in 1949 with the Continental E-185-1 185 hp engine, the Model A35 Bonanza was the first to incorporate a box-type, sheet metal spar carry through that replaced the tubular design used in the 1947-1948 airplanes and it was the first Bonanza to be licensed in the Utility category at full gross weight of 2650.  Other changes were: gear down speed increased from to ; flap extended speed increased to ; steerable nose wheel installation; useful bad increased to . Model A35 illustrated has optional overall exterior paint scheme and was the 2,000th Model 35 built. A total of 701 A35 were produced.

Beech B35 Bonanza (1950) Serial Numbers D-2201 through D-2680
The Model B35 Bonanza had all the improvements found in the A35 but featured the Continental E-185-8 engine that developed 196 hp for one minute at 2450 rpm. Priced at $ 11,975, Flap extension increased from 20 to 30 degrees, front and rear cabin armrests and chart pockets were minor improvements found on the Model B35. B35 illustrated has standard exterior paint scheme. Note baggage door located on right side. 480 B35 were produced during the 1950 sales year.

Beech 35R Bonanza (1951)
Serial Numbers D-25R1 D-588R5 D-1424R8 D-329R12 D-3R2 D-535R6 D-944R9 D-122R14 D-721R3 D-532R7 D-1186R10 D-838R4 D-1424R8 D-927R11, Continental E-185-11 196 hp engine, 35R Bonanzas were 1947 and 1948 Model 35s that were rebuilt and upgraded at the Beechcraft factory.

Beech C35 Bonanza (1951-1952) Serial Numbers D-2681 through D-3400 except D-3293
B35 with a 185hp Continental E-185-11 engine, metal propeller, larger tail surfaces, and higher takeoff weight, approved for the Lycoming GO-435-D1 engine. The Model C35 Bonanza was built from late 1950 through the 1952 sales year. Significant changes included a more powerful Continental E-185-1-1 developing 185 hp continuous and 205 hp at takeoff for one minute. Chord of the V-tail was increased 20% and the V-angle increased to 33 degrees. Gross weight was 2700 lbs and cruise speed 178 mph. 719 C35 were manufactured.

Beech D35 Bonanza (1953) Serial Numbers D-3401 through D-3698
C35 with increased takeoff weight and minor changes and Continental E-185-11 205 hp engine driving a two blade constant speed propeller. Max speed 165 kts and cruising speed of 178 kts. 298 were produced.

Beech E35 Bonanza (1954) Serial Numbers D-3293; D-3699 through D-3998
1954 Model E35 Bonanza offered two engines: E-185-11 o205 hp or the new Continental E-225-8 developing 225 hp at takeoff for one minute at 2450 rpm. Model E35 cost $18,990 with E-185-11, $19,990 with E-225-8 engine. 301 built.

Beech F35 Bonanza (1955) Serial Numbers D-3999 through D-4391, except D-4376
Beech added a third cabin window to the 1955 Model F35 Bonanza along with heavier aluminum skin thickness on the wing leading edges and strengthening of the V-tail spar cap. F35 was available with E- 185-11 or E-225-8 engine and most customers preferred the higher horsepower E-225-8. 392 Model F35 were built and cost $19,990 with the 225 hp Continental.

Beech G35 Bonanza (1956) Serial Numbers D-4376; D-4392 through D-4865; D-15002
The 1956 Model G35 featured the E-225-8 225 hp as standard equipment, gross weight was gear extension speed increased to . Windshield thickness increased to 1/4 inch. 476 G35 were produced. Price was $21 ,990.

Beech H35 Bonanza (1957) Serial Numbers D-4866 through D-5330, except D-5062 Model H35 of 1957 featured new 240 hp O-470-G engine, Model 50 Twin Bonanza wing spar caps and leading edge skin of reduced thickness and V-tail spar caps and elevators were strengthened, optional autopilot, and improved instruments. 464 Model H35 were manufactured, priced at $22,650 each.

Beech J35 Bonanza (1958) Serial Numbers D-5062; D-5331 through D-5725
In 1958, the J35 was the first fuel-injected Bonanza, using Continental´s 250 hp IO-470-C, fuel load increase, optional fifth seat and increased takeoff weight. 396 Model J35 were built and cost $24,300.

Beech K35 Bonanza (1959) Serial Numbers D-5726 through D-6161
J35 with Continental IO-470C 250 hp, fuel load increase, optional fifth seat and increased takeoff weight. The Model K35 Bonanza was first to have fuel capacity and optional fifth seat in aft cabin. A total of 436 Model K35 were manufactured in the 1959 sales year. K35 cost $25,300.

Beech M35 Bonanza (1960) Serial Numbers D-6162 through D-6561
K35 with Continental IO-470C 250 hp.  There were no significant changes to the 1960 Model M35 Bonanza except for cambered wingtips and minor changes. 400 M35 were produced.

Beech N35 Bonanza (1961) Serial Numbers D-6562 through D-6841
Beech revamped the already classic Bonanza in 1961 by adding a new, larger teardrop rear side windows and installing a 260 hp Continental IO-470-N engine in the Model N35. Gross weight increased to 3,125 Pounds but the extra weight caused rate of climb to decrease from the Model M35´s 1,170 fpm (feet per minute) to 1,150 fpm. 280 Model N35 Bonanzas were produced. Price was $26,500.

Beech 035 Bonanza (1961)
Beech built the Model 035 Bonanza in 1961 as an experimental tested featuring a laminar flow wing with integral (wet) fuel cells in the leading edge, replacing rubber bladder tanks. The tricycle landing gear was modified with trailing beam-type main gear assemblies and new gear doors. The nose gear remained unchanged. A 260 hp Continental IO-470-N engine powered the 035. Despite the advantage of increased fuel capacity, wingtip fuel filler access and smoother landing gear operation, the 035 was not developed beyond the experimental stage. (Courtesy Larry A. Ball)

Beech P35 Bonanza (1962-1963) Serial Numbers D-6842 through D-7309, except D-7140
The 1962 Model P35 Bonanza with a  Continental IO-470N 260 hp had a completely redesigned instrument panel featuring avionics mounted to the right of center panel, new subpanels and all flight instruments were shock-mounted in a separate, hinged panel in front of the pilot. 467 Model P35 were built. Price: $27,650.

Beech S35 Bonanza (1964-1965) Serial Numbers D-7140; D-7310 through D-7976 except D-7859
Produced in the 1964-1965 model year, the Model S35 Bonanza´s fuselage length was increased allowing six occupants to he seated in the cabin when optional fifth/sixth seats were installed. The third cabin window was reshaped and Continental´s IO-520-B engine through 285 hp to the Bonanza for the first time. The fuel injected powerplant was mounted in a redesigned cradle that was canted down 2 degrees and right 2 1/2 degrees to reduce rudder forces during takeoff and climb. The S35 Bonanza was also the fastest built up to that time, with a maximum speed of 178 kts. A total of 667 Model S35 was built. Price: $28,750.

Beech V35 Bonanza (1966-1967) Serial Numbers D-7977 through D-8598
S35 with higher takeoff weight, single-piece windshield. Beech introduced the Model V35 Bonanza in 1966, powered with the 285 hp Continental IO-520-B that gave a maximum speed of at sea level. Gross weight was 3400. There were few changes from the Model S35 Bonanza, the most salient being a one-piece windshield. Price was $32,500. 543 Model V35 Bonanzas were produced in 1966- 1967.

Beech V35-TC Bonanza (1966-1970) Beech developed the turbocharged Model V35TC in 1966 when turbo charging and high altitude flying were becoming more commonplace for general aviation airplanes. Using the Continental 285 hp TSIO-520-D, the V35TC could maintain full rated power up to where it had a maximum speed of . Priced at $37,750, 79 V35TC were produced in 1966-1967. Oxygen system and electro-thermal propeller deice were two popular options for the Model V35TC Bonanza. For 1968-1969 model years, the Model V35A-TC incorporated the “Speed-Sweep” windshield and other improvements found on the naturally-aspirated Model V35A. A total of 46 Model V35A-TC was built. Price: $42,750. The last turbocharged Beechcraft Bonanza until the Model A36TC of 1979 was the 1970 Model V35B-TC. Only seven were produced. Three gear down annunciator lights were standard, Baron-type fuel gauges were installed and Hartwell quick-release cowling latches were employed. Powered by a 285 hp TSIO-520-D powerplant, The V35B-TC`s maximum speed was at with a cruise speed of at , full throttle/2500 rpm. Model V35B-TC was not produced in 1971.

Beech V35A Bonanza (1968-1969) Serial Numbers D-8599 through D-9068
The Model V35A with the Continental IO-520B 285 hp featured the new “Speed-Sweep” windshield of increased area. The leading edge of the windshield was mounted six inches farther forward than previous Bonanzas and possessed 12 degrees more slope angle. In 1968 Beech renamed the Debonair “Bonanza and all subsequent Model 35s were denoted by the prefix “V “, with each derivative version identified by a suffix letter. The 1968 V35A was the first Bonanza to adopt the new classification system.  Price: $36,850. A total of 426 Model V35A was built.

Beech V35B Bonanza (1970-1984) Serial Number D-9069 through D-10403
1970 was the first year for the Model V35B Bonanza with the Continenatl IO-520B, -BA and -BB 285 hp. Only minor changes were implemented, including three gears down annunciator lights, anti-slosh fuel bladder ceils and new interior styling. 218 V35B were produced in 1970. Price: $41,600. The 1972 Model V35B received a major interior redesign that required structural changes to the upper cabin sections. More durable materials were employed and the overhead fresh air ventilation system was improved. Price was $41,600 and 104 were built in 1978 the V35B received a 24-volt electrical system, 4-second gear retraction/extension time. Beech built the 10,000th Model 35 Bonanza, c/n D-l0000, on February 9, 1977. The airplane was flown on a nationwide tour to celebrate the Model 35´s 30-year dominance of the high performance, single-engine market. The last Model 35 built was V35B c/n D-10403, delivered to Beech production flight test department on November 11, 1982 and delivered to a Beech dealer in May, 1984. Last Model 35 delivered to a retail customer was V35B c/n D-10399, delivered in August, 1984. 873 built


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